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Research Fields

ITEC Research Map and Organization

 The conceptual diagram of “ITEC in the Future” is shown below. We aim to become the world’s leading lab in AI and experimental social science, focusing on the three main research elements, Market, Organization and Society.
ITEC in the Future

The three elements and research members are outlined below.
Market: Future of Technology and Securities Markets
  • Director/Professor Tatsushi Yamamoto, Faculty of Commerce, Finance
  • Professor Shingo Seryo, Faculty of Law, Economic Law
  • Professor Koji Funatsu, Faculty of Law, Financial Law
  • Professor Tohru Naito, Faculty of Commerce, Spatial Economics
Organization: Future of Technology and Organizations
  • Director/Associate Professor Hiroko Okudaira, Business School, Labor Economics
  • Professor Tadashi Yagi, Faculty of Economics, Behavioral Economics
  • Associate Professor Yoshinori Wada, Faculty of Economics, Behavioral Economics
  • Associate Professor Kiho Tanaka, Center for License and Qualification, Educational Psychology
  • Professor Junichi Kawaminami, Business School, Marketing Communications
  • Assistant Professor Yusuke Sawada, Faculty of Commerce
Society: Future of Technology and Society
  • Director/Professor Yoko Uryuhara, Faculty of Commerce, Social Marketing
  • Professor Hiroaki Miyoshi, Faculty of Policy Studies, Impact Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Professor Keiko Iwaisako , Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, Life Science
  • Professor Toshikazu Kawakami, Faculty of Policy Studies, Game Theory
  • Associate Professor Akihiro Kawase, Faculty of Culture and Information Science, Digital Humanities
 This is a loose grouping. The members conduct research not by focusing on one of these elements only, but in an interactive manner, focusing on Market, Organization and Society in an alternating manner.
 Research on Technology that supports the three elements is conducted in cooperation with the members listed below.